Water-based ink series

Suitable for silicone oil cloth, waterproof nylon cloth, coated cloth, umbrella cloth, down jacket fabric, etc., with good hand feel, high glossiness, and good printing performance.

Non-baking PU denim mucilage series

Suitable for denim, T/C fabric, coated fabric, nylon fabric, TPU, PU leather and other fabrics. Free from overheating, high gloss, resistant to stone grinding enzyme washing, snowflake washing, acid washing, rinsing, and high-temperature cooking.

Water-based printing mucilage series

Suitable for textile fabrics such as cotton, knitted fabric, polyester cotton, etc., with good elasticity, soft hand feel, strong covering power, and not easily clogged with mesh.

Bronzing(flocking) mucilage series

Suitable for hot stamping printing on cotton, knitted, woven, and nylon fabrics, with a soft touch, good elasticity, and good washing fastness.

Glitter(foaming) mucilage series

Suitable for printing on fabrics such as cotton, knitted, polyester cotton, and synthetic fabrics, with good elasticity, oxidation resistance, non whitening during scraping, and high glossiness.

Special printing mucilage series

Suitable for printing on Lycra fabric, polyester fabric, and high elastic fabrics, with good covering power, good fastness, easy to pass through the mesh, super soft hand feel, and easy operation.

Emulating bronze (silver) mucilage series

Suitable for printing on fabrics such as cotton, knitted, polyester, and synthetic fabrics. It can be mixed with color paste for color adjustment, with a strong metallic feel, high shine, soft hand feel, and good washing fastness.

Fixing agent (crosslinking agent) series

Suitable for adhesive printing, with good color fixation effect, it can effectively improve the wear resistance, rubbing fastness, and hand feel of printing, and increase the washing fastness of the adhesive.

Water-based resin series

Suitable for water slurry printing on fabrics such as cotton, knitted fabric, and towel cloth, with the texture of reactive dye printing, soft hand feel, and good washing fastness.

Special auxiliary series

It is suitable for lotion coatings, lotion polymerization, adhesives and water-based adhesives, with excellent defoaming effect.

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